For all skin types - there is the right product

27/11/2013 11:21

"Such nurturing high-tech Foundations are now fully in the trend," says Peter Schmidinger the RLO Cosmetics Association in Berlin.

For all skin types - there is the right product: Ideal for oily and combination skin are approximately products with mattifying ingredients. They can arise not only shine on the so-called T-zone of the forehead, nose and chin. Dry skin needs a product which is enriched with a lot of moisture. A special feature is sensitive skin that reacts quickly with irritation.

Muscles Building Solution

Mineral make-ups - In such cases, the dermatologist castle Uta Berger from Cologne recommends so-called mineral makeup. "In place of synthetic dyes enter the pigments derived from minerals in these products," explains dermatologist. "It makes mineral makeup waived ideally also on fragrances and preservatives." Main ingredients are titanium dioxide or zinc oxide to protect against harmful UV radiation.


Breaking the Light - The powdered minerals also refract the light in an advantageous manner, so that the face looks more even. The advantage: "The high opacity of the mineral makeup makes skin blemishes and redness disappear - without the familiar Scraper effect," says Berger castle. 


"As a natural blur the new Foundations on mineral base, especially for sensitive skin are a good alternative to conventional makeup: "The fine powder soothes redness and pimples by the addition of skin soothing zinc and magnesium and will not clog thus the pores" explains the dermatologist.