The treatment of hypertension

25/11/2013 10:50


Put the kettle on and so boil add remaining ingredients. Smother for a few minutes, strain and drink between meals. If desired, sweeten the tea with a teaspoon of honey.

Other teas for the treatment of hypertension

Lettuce Tea calms enough. Drink two cups a day;

Tea peel potatoes. Boil the peels of 5 English potatoes for 20 minutes over low, heat strain and drink two cups a day;


Muscles Building Solution

Tea crumb chayote. Drink a cup every three hours.

However, treatment is available and needs to be well monitored to avoid complications. It may possibly be cured when it is secondary.

Should not stop taking medication without doctor's guidance

It is common that when high pressure is controlled, the person stop taking the medicine by imagining you are cured.

This causes the pressure to get high returns again with all its serious consequences.

Know that stress can raise blood pressure.

 Physical activity, relaxation techniques, psychotherapy can help control stress and blood pressure;


Do not stop using the medication or decrease the dose on your own. Follow the directions of your doctor and take the medications strictly the prescribed times;

Measure blood pressure regularly and note the values ​​for which your doctor can evaluate the effectiveness of treatment;