In case of bottled water we drink or prepare food for infants

25/11/2013 10:51

From the tenth month is therefore recommended in nursing infants periodic supplemental fluid administration in an amount of about 200 ml daily, preferably infant water.

Non-breastfed children older than six months need to supplement the daily diet at least 400-600 ml of fluid a day"

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How to choose the right water for infants?

In the shops there is a large selection of bottled waters that are intended for infants.

Often choose water, which are in action or are on their buying used.

In case of bottled water we drink or prepare food for infants, it is necessary to read the label on the composition and especially the ratio of individual minerals.

"Bottled water is the baby of the highest quality, because limits are set much stricter than ordinary drinking water (for example, the nitrate content).

The content of mineral substances may not exceed 500 mg / l because at this water prohibited any modification changing its composition, the baby water only bottled water, which is guaranteed by the original composition.


 Also minimizes the intake of foreign and potentially allergenic substances, "

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When the dehydration infants? Water in the human body consists of up to sixty percent by weight of an adult. The organism is younger, the percentage is automatically increased. Especially in the summer days, you must drink plenty of fluids to follow.