Brain synthesizes saving hormone

The only salvation to the speed requires carbohydrates, because only if any brain synthesizes saving hormone "- says Wurtman, adding that they need to consume fat-free (for example, in the form of a cake made ​​of flour, meal, but without oil). Alas, the right to overeat sweets nobody gave you:

Best Muscles Building Program

to resort to carbohydrates only when their symptoms worsen - this usually occurs in the afternoon and evening. "In the rest of the time you eat fruits, vegetables, and protein foods to get all the minerals needed by the body and remain well-fed" - advises nutritionist Joey Shulman, author of the book Healthy Sin Foods:


Decadence Without the Guilt («Useful goodies: Pleasure without reckoning"). And abstain from salt, so as not to suffer swelling, but it will increase the dose of magnesium (cereals, nuts, and herbs), calcium and vitamin D (fatty fish, eggs, caviar).

The menu for the day

  • Breakfast : Soft cheese or cottage cheese + fruit + orange juice
  • Lunch: Spinach salad + salmon + natural yoghurt
  • Snack: Slice of chocolate with almonds
  • Dinner: Pasta Whole-grain cereal with mushrooms, garlic and onions in tomato sauce
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Get rid of a hangover - The morning after the party is like a shock least - quite the contrary, but will have to steel himself for the sake of their own health. Nutritionist Gay Riley, founder of the website NetNutritionist.com, advises disperse hangover breakfast with high protein and low - carbohydrate, as well as freshly squeezed vegetable juices to replenish energy.