28/11/2013 10:52

Guide drinking regime for infants

Guide drinking regime for infants While most of us think, that infants than enough breast milk or artificial nutrition in the hot summer days is thirsty as any other child! Breast-feeding Breast milk does not have a small child to satisfy thirst enough. | Photo:  Prof Media.   100% Money...


27/11/2013 11:21

For all skin types - there is the right product

"Such nurturing high-tech Foundations are now fully in the trend," says Peter Schmidinger the RLO Cosmetics Association in Berlin. For all skin types - there is the right product: Ideal for oily and combination skin are approximately products with mattifying ingredients. They can arise not only...


25/11/2013 10:51

In case of bottled water we drink or prepare food for infants

From the tenth month is therefore recommended in nursing infants periodic supplemental fluid administration in an amount of about 200 ml daily, preferably infant water. Non-breastfed children older than six months need to supplement the daily diet at least 400-600 ml of fluid a day" Best Muscles...


25/11/2013 10:50

The treatment of hypertension

Preparation: Put the kettle on and so boil add remaining ingredients. Smother for a few minutes, strain and drink between meals. If desired, sweeten the tea with a teaspoon of honey. Other teas for the treatment of hypertension Lettuce Tea calms enough. Drink two cups a day; Tea peel potatoes. Boil...