Guide drinking regime for infants

28/11/2013 10:52

Guide drinking regime for infants

While most of us think, that infants than enough breast milk or artificial nutrition in the hot summer days is thirsty as any other child!


Breast milk does not have a small child to satisfy thirst enough. | Photo:  Prof Media.


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"Children are against adult relatively higher need for fluids, and therefore ensuring a proper and regular drinking schedule them very important.

Breastfed baby has to drink about 150 ml of fluid per kg of weight. It is true that six to eight diapers per day is proof of adequate fluid intake, "says an expert nutritionist

Drinking regime

Is said to have breastfed infants receive adequate amounts of fluids from breast milk

 The need for fluids but is for each individual. Parents should not be surprised if he's a descendant of a hot summer day thirst. Other exceptions can occur during loss of appetite, excessive when threading, sweating or diarrhea and vomiting.



Infants, in addition to breast milk need to be supplied fluid from six months of age.

 In this period, the baby slowly transferred to solid food for an idea of the baby in the first week of his life to drink about 300 ml of milk per day. In contrast, the infant in half a year until 1000 ml of fluid In the period around the sixth month the infant to be reared a few extra fluid obtained from fruits, vegetables, soups and porridge.